Sports & Activities

Jogging, running, or fitness, BASHIO's custom earphones will always accompany with you, continue to play music for you, don't worry about falling


BASHIO Sports Customized Earphones is dedicated to developing earphones suitable for running for those who love sports.

BASHIO sports custom earphones are not only comfortable and durable, but also do not need to worry about sweat and weather changes affecting the earphones.

BASHIO sports custom earphones perfectly fit your ear shape and are easy to wear, no matter how fast you run, you do n’t have to worry about falling out of your ears.

BASHIO sports custom earphones continue to provide you with relaxing music on your way to sports.

BASHIO sports custom earphones use a customized Bluetooth earphone cable to connect the left and right earphones, which not only ensures the convenience of storage, does not need to worry about the loss of the earphone, but also allows you to run freely and be cordless during the exercise process without being affected by the earphone cable.

BASHIO sports custom earphones have passive noise reduction function to help you isolate external noise while not completely unable to perceive external sound, ensuring your safety during sports.


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