Professional Racing

Custom made earphones provide you with better communication and better hearing protection, bring you better performance, and protect drivers.


The BASHIO racer series tailor-made earphones are optimized and designed according to the racing driver's use scenario and wearing requirements.

BASHIO's unique custom design not only isolates the huge roar of the racing engine, but also seamlessly integrates with the car's radio communication system, ensuring that the racer communicates clearly and efficiently with the team during the race.

Our designers pursue the ultimate balance of comfort and usability. The BASHIO racer series tailor-made earphones fit the racer's pinna, so that they can be worn quickly without worrying about falling out of the ear.

  • Less is more, no extra components, to ensure the lightest weight of the headset, reducing the burden of long-term wearing.
  • The right-cut design makes it comfortable to wear even in a helmet, with a moderate sense of pressure, or a lighter intervention.
  • It is suitable for racers, maintenance technicians, fleet management and other personnel in sports events such as formula racing, touring cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.
  • Provide customized services at the speed of racing cars, without waiting for a long time, can deliver products in the shortest day.

Racing Earphones / Starter Package

BASHIO track / paddock series private noise canceling headphones customized basic package is grandly launched!


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