Anchor speech, customer service reception, service special warfare; more comfortable and reliable; work with various radio communication equipment


Customized communication headsets are widely used in the broadcasting industry. BASHIO's ear-hanging design can ensure that the headset is always near the ear during use, which is convenient for taking and wearing.

BASHIO communication custom earphones are also suitable for the field of radio communication, including security systems, military, live broadcast events, etc.

BASHIO communication customized earphones are optimized and designed according to the usage scenarios and wearing requirements of announcers, on-site reporters, security, customer service and other staff.

The unique customized design not only isolates the noisy ambient sounds on site, but also seamlessly integrates with the radio communication system to ensure clear and efficient communication between the staff and the team.

Our designers pursue the ultimate balance of comfort and usability. BASHIO communication customized earphones fit the wearer's pinna, so that they can be worn quickly without worrying about falling out of the ear.


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