Enterprise customer

Employees‘ daily communication equipment or as a corporate gift given to the customer

BASHIO ™ 3D technology is tailor-made, professional communication equipment design and customization service providers in the fields of racing, sports, performances, corporate meetings and so on. Based on the private customization of BASHIO's eight Bluetooth 3D printed headphones, we launched a customized headset gift set for enterprises

Customized design with simple and personalized identification can be implemented according to customers' brand promotion needs

Headphone shell adopts brand color

Headphone panel printed brand LOGO

Set the Bluetooth ID of the headset cable to the brand name

Brand name or LOGO printed on storage box and outer packaging

All BASHIO earphones are made with 3D printing digital system technology and hand-made finely. The earphone is only 3 grams on one side, light and nothing
Driven by a moving iron unit, with a long battery life to meet the needs of a day of music and communication
Ergonomically designed earbuds with ear-wrap oxygen-free copper silver-plated Bluetooth cable, comfortable and convenient, ready to use, no need to worry about loss, and no need to store at any time
The Bluetooth cable uses high-definition Bluetooth 5.0 chip, low power consumption, long battery life, low delay signal stability; Sophisticated wire combined with the classic pen cap clip design, comfortable to wear, low-key while showing the power and beauty of technology and humanities.
Ear cotton adopts the first-class comfort COMPLY memory foam. Soft and comfortable, good fixation, not easy to shift, isolate noise, optimize sound, listen with bass, protect hearing
Bracelet data charging cable, safe charging, fashionable and convenient, multi-purpose
Aluminum alloy earphone storage box, anti-pressure and anti-fall, carefully protected, sealed and waterproof
Integration of packaging design, implementation of simple and personalized identification and customization for customers' brands
BASHIO looks forward to working with you to promote brand building and promotion