BASHIO Bluebooth Custom Eeaphones

Our ears are as unique as our fingerprints. That's why we create earphones that are made for you and only you.

Do we really need "made to measure" ?

The convergence of technological and humanistic acceleration and progress, our private "objects", or the ultimate extreme of basic fashion, has come to a new era where each of us is professionally served

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Protect hearing

Professional ear mold extraction, 3D scanning and 3D printing technology help us to create a headphone shell that fits your ears; naturally cut off external noise, protect one of the most important feelings-hearing, prevent future.

Enhanced sound

Personalized custom earphones are exclusive to you, which not only means that you never have to worry about falling suddenly during use, but also means the reliability of sound effects.

Personalized fashion

Exclusive customization, freewheeling, unique appearance, always highlight the wearer's taste and preferences; no comparison, you are the only one.

Intimate custom-made service!

Unreasonable refunds up to 30 days * (only for personal customers who first customize)

1. Choose type, deposit reservation

Make an appointment to extract the time and place of the ear mold; initially determine the purpose, color, and panel design of the headset; you can also engrave the name or motivational phrase on the panel; prepayment or full payment.

2 .Custom made to determine the contract

We will arrange for someone to meet you as soon as possible, and you can extract your ear model in a few minutes at the same time; at the same time determine the customized plan, sign a service contract, and help customers submit the final payment (if any).

3. Fast delivery and continuous service

Usually your exclusive supplies (private customers) are made within seven days, and after the final professional inspection, we will deliver them to customers or express delivery to you.

Professional Racing

Designed and Built for Professionals. Optimised for Performance and customised for you.


Sports & Activities

Slow jog or fast run, your earplugs stay in and keep up with you


Music & Lifestyle

Protection to Enhance the sound you love and Preserve your hearing



Effective communication solutions to enhance and protect